I recently read this question on a forum paraphrased as:

I am very new to programming. Should I learn HTML, CSS, or Ruby before I learn rails?

Yes, you should.

Learn the basics

All websites are built using HTML, CSS, and Javascript - you need to know these. If you can look at sketch of a UI and code it up, you know enough about HTML and CSS. If not, start there.

I also suggest you learn the basics of programming in ruby. There are some great online resources for learning this. Rails is going to make a lot more sense once you know some ruby.

Break Problems Down

Breaking big problems down into smaller chunks is a good way to speed up your learning. To build somethng with rails, you need to know Ruby, Rails, HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, deployment and more. How well do you think you can learn all of those simultaneously? Not very well.

You do not need to be an expert at all of these languages, but you do need a foundation in each.

Have fun

Learning how to program is hard work. Build something fun as you learn to make it fun and stay motivated.

I was really into cooking when I first started learning rails. After I finished a book on rails, I built a site for saving and sharing recipes. That made learning rails much more fun and relevant to me.


They don't exist.

A website mentioned on this post implies that after completing their one month rails course you can land a $120,000 programming job. I can assure you that is bullshit.

smells like bullshit

It takes time and effort to master this stuff. I have been learning to program for 6 years and still have plenty to learn. You do not need a computer science degree, but you do need to be persistant and put in the work.