This is what happens when most people decide to sit down and work on their rails app:

starting a rails app

It takes a lot of steps to go from want to work on a rails app to having it up and running.

What if you can't remember how to start the app?

Starting your rails app only goes this smoothly when you know what you need to start and the commands to start everything. When this is not the case, you may have to slog through the Readme first - ugh.

Every Rails app is a little different

Every rails app that I've worked on is slightly different from the last - different background job runners, different database servers, different ruby versions, and so forth. That means slightly different commands are needed to start each one of them.

And while your side project is written in rails, there's a good chance that you work on completely different types of frameworks and languages. Remembering how to start all of these projects can quickly turn into a nightmare.

I got tired of all of this. I searched for something that could...

Enter Tmuxinator

Let me show you how I start my projects:

Ready to get started with Tmuxinator? Check out my earlier post on Tmuxinator for the details.