Renaming files when you are coding can be a time consuming and annoying chore. You just want to get it over with quickly so that you can get back to your real work.

This is how I used to do it:

1. suspend vim to get to the terminal
2. mv lib/old_file.txt lib/new_file.txt
3. resume vim
4. notice warning about file no longer existing
5. open the new file

A Faster Way

I found this handy vim function in Gary Bernhardt's .vimrc:

function! RenameFile()
    let old_name = expand('%')
    let new_name = input('New file name: ', expand('%'), 'file')
    if new_name != '' && new_name != old_name
        exec ':saveas ' . new_name
        exec ':silent !rm ' . old_name
map <leader>r :call RenameFile()<cr>

Once you have that in your .vimrc, renaming a file becomes much simpler. You don't even have to leave vim:

1. <leader>r
2. correct filename
3. press enter

Congrats. You just sharpened your tools and saved yourself a few seconds per day.