Have you ever pasted code into Vim only to find that the formatting is completely messed up?

Me too. And I used to find it really annoying, because it would take me roughly forever to correct every line, one at a time.

Eventually, I realized that I changed indentation a lot. Like when I...

It felt silly to spend so much time fixing indentation. I figured there was a better way.

= is the key I was looking for. Once you learn how to use it, you will never want to go back to using any other text editor.

How do I use =?

Like a lot of things in Vim, you have a few choices.

1. Correct one line

Just press ==.

2. Correct a chunk of text

Press =, followed by a motion (j, k, p, G, etc.)

For example, I use =ap ('around paragraph') a lot to indent entire methods or chunks of CSS with one move.

3. Visual

Visually select a block of text. Then, press =.

The moves I use every day

These are my favorite ways to use =:

 == - correct the current line
=ap - correct the current 'paragraph'
 =G - correct to the end of the file

Can I correct an entire file?

Yup, no problem. Just do gg=G.

What is this magic?

= is called a filter. I haven't found a great use for them other than =, but you can do some crazy things like run text through shell programs such as sort and uniq.

Check the docs with :help filter.

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